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Monday, September 1, 2008

Voting for DDD7 is open

  Developer! Developer! Developer! returns on the 22nd November.

As usual, there are lots of excellent sessions for you to vote on so you get to choose the conference.

You can check out my offerings and vote for them too!

Microsoft Log Parser Toolkit? What the heck is that?
Never heard of the Log Parser Toolkit? Then this session is for you! This cool piece of technology languishes in an obscurity that it doesn't deserve. This presentation will introduce you to the toolkit and show how you can use it in development.

Separating REST Facts from Fallacies
Still not sure what REST is or why it might be important to you? REST (Representational State Transfer) is still a deeply misunderstood architectural style. This presentation is designed to dispel some of the myths and demonstrate practical usage of REST.

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