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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Simple NuGet Packaging

Over the last week I have started publishing my Cavity libraries on to NuGet, starting with my Unit Testing Fluent API.

The API is implemented in a single assembly with no non-BCL dependencies, which makes it the simplest case to pack for NuGet.

This is the .nuspec file:

<package xmlns="">
    <title>Cavity Unit Testing</title>
    <authors>Alan Dean</authors>
    <owners />
    <description>Fluent API for asserting types and properties.</description>
    <summary />
    <copyright>Copyright © 2010 - 2011 Alan Dean</copyright>
    <language />
    <releaseNotes>Switched off license acceptance dialog.</releaseNotes>
    <file src="lib\net35\Cavity.Testing.Unit.dll" target="lib\net35\Cavity.Testing.Unit.dll" />
    <file src="lib\net40\Cavity.Testing.Unit.dll" target="lib\net40\Cavity.Testing.Unit.dll" />

I have implemented framework targeting in my build process, so in this case I have two assemblies (.NET 3.5 and .NET 4.0) which I have copied into the lib subdirectory.

For a simple package like this, that is all you need to configure; just pack and push.

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