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Friday, January 16, 2009

DDD Belfast

The Call for Speakers has been put out for DDD Belfast on April 4th.

I have submitted a double session on REST. The first session is a reprise of the session I gave at DDD7 and the second session is a new presentation about Azure:

Part 1 "REST: Separating Facts from Fallacies" (1 hour)
Still not sure what REST is or why it might be important to you? REST (Representational State Transfer) is still a deeply misunderstood architectural style. This presentation is designed to dispel some of the myths surrounding REST.
Part 2 "Delivering RESTful systems with Azure" (1 hour)
The new Windows Azure platform allows .NET developers to deliver a variety of cloud-based systems. In particular, Microsoft provides support for REST (Representation State Transfer) style architectures. This session will provide a tour around the key enabling features of the platform allowing highly scalable systems by leveraging the benefits of REST - identifying patterns for success and warning of anti-patterns.

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